Record gig information all in one place

With Tourch adding and viewing gigs is as easy as playing “Blue Bossa” at a wedding.  Simply start on the home page and press the add gig or view gig button.  Once inside the gig that you’ve selected, you can account for expense totals, category totals & product totals.

Journal each gig

With Tourch you can easily document your gig experiences.  How was the load in & load out, what was the club owner like, how far was the gig, how the gig went, you can take photos of the crowd, your bandmates, your receipts and much more.  You can also grab photos from your existing library and add them to the Gig Journal.  The Journal feature in Tourch helps you keep a deeper tab on what happened and allows you to be more prepared the next time you play that venue.

All your expenses & products in one place:
Tourch features the following sections:

- EXPENSE totals – keep track of your expenses on the road & export to a spreadsheet to maintain P&L

- CATEGORY totals – keep track of your different merchandise categories and how much you sold over the course of the night. get a quick recap of how many CD’s you sold, how many t-shirts you sold etc. All in one place.

- PRODUCT totals – keep track of your different product totals including CD’s, t-shirts, hats, USB drives, books etc.
And much more….

Manage multiple bands through a single application

Tourch allows you to input multiple bands and have a separate account for each band so that the tour manager handling multiple bands can keep track of each one separately.  On the home page of Tourch, just push the add band button above the about Tourch button.

Export all of your info to a spreadsheet

When the tour is over or the gig is done, relax poolside with your groupies and export the whole thing to a spreadsheet via a .csv file.  Give the spreadsheet to your accountant at taxtime and you’re good to go.

To dig deeper, head over to the support page to learn how to start using Tourch.